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Don’t Commit These Home Staging Boo-Boos

Don’t Commit These Home Staging Boo-Boos

An important part of selling your house will be to dedicate a bit of time to home staging. Taking some time to do some interior redesign and stage your home means it could spend less time on the market. Not all occupied staging projects are created equal though. Here are some mistakes to avoid with home staging in Los Angeles.

  1. Not Doing a “Before and After” Video
    People like seeing the transformation from something old and drab to something new and beautiful. Visitors – and even home staging consultation clients – might not understand the work that has gone into the staging process.

    Take some time to shoot a before and after video of the property to really wow buyers. Consider putting in a little more money to have the video professionally edited to look even better too. Online marketplaces like Fiverr are filled with affordable but experienced professionals. These videos are especially important for virtual staging so you should take the time to make them shine.

  2. Not Using Accent Walls
    Using neutral colors doesn’t mean you can’t have accent walls that add a bit of life and color to a space. Using an accent wall is easier than you might expect. It’s surprising how common this mistake is because of that. A good accent wall adds some drama and pop to otherwise boring rooms.

    Contrast is key with vacant home staging accent walls. Use dark grays or bright and energizing colors such as ultraviolet. Removable wall graphics and wallpaper can really help out here too. Add some life to your listing without going overboard and making things garish with a good accent wall.

  3. Having Empty Bed Frames
    It sounds obvious but every bedroom in every house is going to have a bed in it. It doesn’t matter how big your house is, there’s going to be a bed in the bedroom. That bed is going to be the focal point for the room so it needs to look good. Having an empty bed frame or using cheap linens is a disaster for home staging. Air mattresses are pretty cheap and can get the job done, while high-quality linens will pay for themselves when the house sells.
  4. Not Understanding the Audience
    Knowing your audience is important for everything from music to movies to marketing to home staging Los Angeles. Home staging should be done with the audience in mind. Think about the kinds of things that would attract people to the home, area, or asking price that you’re going with. If you list your property in an area that has a lot of senior citizens, for example, you should give your home a traditional flair when staging it. Younger people, on the other hand, have their own tastes such as minimal graphic art. Don’t forget to do a bit of market research to learn more about your audience.
  5. Not Keeping Things Clean
    Different people have their own definitions of “clean” so you should come up with a regular cleaning schedule. Don’t hesitate to hire professional cleaners to get the cleanest vacant home staging you can. The cost of a professional cleaning service is more than worth it. The key is to ensure the home is always in “staging condition” ready to be shown off to the world at the drop of a hat. You never know when the call for a staging could come in. Having a home staging while you’re at work – but the dishes are still in the sink – leaves a bad impression.
  6. Rushing to Get Everything Done
    Your home should be on the market as soon as it’s ready, but you shouldn’t rush things. Take time to handle the small jobs and put effort into staging to get the most bang for your buck. Buyers don’t respond well to incomplete houses and poor staging jobs. Talk to your home stager to learn what needs to be done and make it happen. Small repairs and a bit of paint here and there can work wonders. It’s always a good time to sell, but the more competition there is on the market, the more work you’ll have to put into getting your house ready.

Final Thoughts

Selling your home feels more personal than it really is. You have to distance yourself from your home and see it as an asset that you are selling. Treat it like something you want to sell and get it in prime condition before putting it on the market to attract more buyers. It is important to work with a real estate agent that can market your home in the best manner. Get in touch with expert real estate agent Arman Grigoryan at 818.444.7700 or send an email to arman(at)armangrigoryan(dotted)com.