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Home staging done right

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If you’re selling a home in a competitive market like Los Angeles, home staging is a must to make your property stand out. Get your home in tiptop shape by following these home-staging tips:

Make a terrific first impression

Home staging isn’t all about interior redesign. You need to think about your home’s exterior, too. The outside of your property is the first thing potential buyers see when they look at your home both online or in person. Make them want to see more of it when they walk or drive up.

Here are a few ways you can boost your property’s curb appeal:

  • Apply a fresh coat of paint to the exterior of the house
  • Clear the lawn of clutter and weeds
  • Add pots of seasonal blooms
  • Let your outdoor furniture reflect the season in which you’re selling: wicker or rattan for spring, an Adirondack chair or teak chaise lounge for summer, and a firepit table for autumn

Do a deep clean

Before opening your home to buyers or taking photos, make sure it’s sparkling clean. A clean home tells buyers that the property is cared for and well maintained.

Make sure every part of the home is spotless – and every nook and cranny, too. Create a system for cleaning to avoid getting overwhelmed. Start at the top of each room – crown moldings, overhead lighting fixtures – and work your way to the floor – get rid of dust bunnies beneath beds, vacuum or shampoo rugs. Remember to clean the windows, wipe down the doors, and clear out the refrigerator. You can also hire professional cleaners to make the home shine.

Get rid of odors

Part of cleaning is getting rid of lingering smells like pet odor. Open your windows and let the rooms air out a day or two before showing the property. Empty the trash bins as well so no foul odors can seep out.

Freshen up your home  by putting plug-in air fresheners in every room. A few scented candles can also do the trick. When picking out scents, choose milder ones like vanilla, lemon, sandalwood, or tea-infused aromas.


Remove unnecessary items from your home such as knickknacks lining the shelves, games, magazines, and the like. This includes eliminating half of the stuff in your closet and cabinets. When potential buyers view a home, assume they’ll look through drawers and peek into storage spaces even if they’re not really supposed to. If you get rid of half the stuff in your storage areas, it will appear as though there’s a lot more room in your house to store stuff in.

Decluttering helps give the space a more open and spacious feel. And it also lets you get a head start on packing.


Personal items like trophies, family pictures, toys, and anything with a family member’s name on it should be hidden away. Removing these items makes it easier for potential buyers to imagine themselves living in the home. You want future buyers to see the property as their future home, not your old one.

Keep the décor neutral without being cold

Rooms should be repainted in neutral shades like tan, light blue, or greige. Also, use furniture and accessories that appeal to a wide audience. You might love your bold colors and statement pieces, but potential buyers could be turned off by them.

Keeping the aesthetic neutral while being welcoming at the same time can be tricky. You can achieve this by doing an occupied staging or showing the property to potential buyers while still living in it. For this to work, you still need to declutter and depersonalize to some extent. But instead of clearing out all your personal belongings, they’ll be used to create an inviting atmosphere.

Give every room a purpose

Show the full potential of your property by staging every room. Spare rooms should be turned into a home office or a gym to give buyers an idea of what the rooms can be used for.

If the home has awkward spaces, you can still find a way to show them off. Add a shelf or install lights or wall sconces so they become another selling point.

Make some repairs

Look around your property and see if anything needs fixing. Small things like a broken door handle, squeaky floorboard, or a window that won’t open can have a huge impact on how a buyer perceives your home. Call a handyman to make the needed repairs so your home can be sale-ready.

Don’t forget the finishing touches

Put some fresh flowers in the living room. Hang fluffy towels in the bathroom. Organize the spice rack in the kitchen, and curate the things on your tables and shelves. These small finishing touches go a long way when it comes to getting your home ready for sale.

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