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What to expect from a home staging consultation

Stylish interior design of living room

Staging helps you to attract the largest possible audience to show interest in your home. It gives your home an edge over other properties for sale and helps get your home sold more quickly at the highest possible price.

The first step towards home staging in Los Angeles is to enlist the help of a professional. An experienced home stager or property stylist has the knowhow to better assess what needs to be done to make your home stand out. Buyers can then mentally picture themselves living out their dreams in the home you’re looking to sell.

As an experienced real estate agent and home stager myself, I know how crucial top-notch home staging services are to a successful sale. Let me provide a few important insights as I take you through the entire home staging consultation process:

Initial discussion

When we sit down together to discuss staging your home, the first thing we need to be clear on is your goals and expectations. If your home is already on the market, what sort of a staging budget are you working with? Are you working on staging a vacant home or are you currently still living in it? Who is your target buyer? This initial discussion can help identify what sorts of things can better help sell your home.

The walk-through

We start the walkthrough by looking at the house from the outside. What kind of impression does the home make when potential buyers see it for the first time? Is the exterior appealing? Is the landscaping well-kept? Are there any architectural features worth highlighting? Is the entryway welcoming?

We then step inside and go through each room. What needs to be fixed or replaced? Does the room need rearranging? Evaluate each aspect — from the room layout to the furniture placement.

Also, ask yourself, which among these rooms do you really need to focus on sprucing up? Which will make the most impact on the sale? Generally, the areas to concentrate on to boost your home’s appeal are the living room, kitchen and outdoor living spaces. Also, pay attention to the master bedroom and all of the bathrooms.

Assess things like your light fixtures, window treatments, furniture and accessories. Also, pay attention to your paint colors and flooring. Determine the selling points of each room; highlight them. Examine the flow as you move from room to room. If the home you’re staging is still occupied, make a mental note of clutter that needs to be removed. Notice any unpleasant smells or odors? Work to identify and get rid of the source.

Expect to remove or rearrange your furniture or other items, especially big or unwieldly pieces. This will give you an idea of how the space can be maximized during staging. Reposition chairs, couches and tables, for instance, to see how you can potentially make your living room look larger. Take pictures along the way for reference.

Things to remember

  • Take down notes. It’s important to take notes during the walkthrough. Jot down suggestions and recommendations, and ask for pointers.
  • Ask away. Questions about the home staging process? What can be changed to shed your property in its best light? How long will staging take? What wall color appeals to buyers most? Do your light fixtures need an upgrade?

Findings and recommendations

Assessing the entire house allows you and your home stager to determine how your home can be made to look its best. In essence, it involves some interior redesign. This means using existing furniture, appliances, artwork and accessories and buying a few essential pieces to supplement what you already own.

The walkthrough will help you identify what needs to be cleaned, thrown out, arranged, painted and repaired in each room. I help you pinpoint the most crucial tasks – mostly inexpensive updates — that need to be done to sell the home successfully.

Expect your home staging consultation to last about two hours. This will allow your home stager enough time to properly evaluate each part of the home, identify the key areas for staging, and provide a proper overall assessment. The duration of a home staging consultation, of course, also depends on the size and condition of the property.

Ready to sell your Los Angeles luxury home? Let me, Arman Grigoryan, represent you. My extensive background in selling and staging luxury homes has made me one of the top-producing agents in the San Fernando Valley.

I offer free staging services for properties valued at $2 million and above. Call 818.444.7700 or send an email to arman(at)armangrigoryan(dotted)com.